Friday, June 09, 2017

3615. War - The World is a Ghetto
From: The World is a Ghetto; Year: 1972; Genre: Funk/Soul
Another Funky Friday today; my 196th one consecutive actually. 10 minutes of funk and soul; just put those headphones on and enjoy yourself in musical bliss.

Hear The World is a Ghetto on YouTube.

My song pick one year ago today: Megadeth - The Scorpion

My song pick two years ago today: Midnight Oil - Power and the Passion

My song pick three years ago today: David Bowie - Magic Dance

My song pick four years ago today: ZZ Top - Sleeping Bag

My song pick five years ago today: Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotized

My song pick six years ago today: Les Paul and Mary Ford - Whispering

My song pick seven years ago today: Rush - The Pass

My song pick eight years ago today: Days of the New - The Down Town

My song pick nine years ago today: Billy Joel - Tell Her About It

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