Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Song 293 (Ten Years After--"I’d Love To Change The World")

This is another song that I have loved ever since I have first heard it. Mostly what got me into this band at first was the band's ominous name: Ten Years After. From what I understand, their name actually has to do with the band being fully established ten years after Elvis Presley's main success.
This is probably their most famous song, however the band did have quite a few more hits to name as well. The subject matter of the song is a blur of events and issues facing the world at the time, especially conflict; it's a societal protest song of sorts. The music to the song is very much like the riff-heavy blues/rock of the time. Probably the most distinct part of this song other that the lyrics/singing is the excellent guitar work.

Here is a fan video with the studio version on YouTube.
Here is a neat video with the song and band footage on YouTube.


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