Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Song 294 (Savatage--"Skull Session")

Last night this song came on my iPod. I have been meaning to choose it for a while, but I forgot; I figured that it now is as a good time as any. I love the guitar in this one quite a bit, it is the main draw for me, of course Jon Oliva's vocals are incredible as ever.
If you are thinking of the "Dead Winter Dead" or "Trans-Siberian Orchestra" sound of Savatage, this is not it at all. They are more in the speed/thrash metal sound similar to that of Megedeth on this album mostly due to their producer on this album, Max Norman, who also produced Megadeth albums. From what I understand this album was also banned for a while because they did not put the "Parental Advisory" stickers on it and this song was one of the reasons because it is filled with some sexual innuendo. Anyway, it is a nice head banging mood song and a nice addition to my list.

Here is the studio version on YouTube.


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