Friday, July 16, 2010

1061 Yes - Yours Is No Disgrace

1061 Yes - Yours Is No Disgrace

I really felt like some Progressive Rock this morning; this almost ten minute magnum opus from the '71 The Yes Album came to mind awfully quick. I have always loved these longer tracks with multiple melodies and instrumental sections; ten minutes of pure musical bliss.
In my opinion Yes is one of the better specimens among Prog/Rock bands of the '70s. It seems as if they never tire when performing; it seems like most pop acts usually can't keep it up past the magical 2:00-3:00 mark in a song either strictured by themselves or the record company. Whatever the case, much of the time I'll take the 10+ minutes of musical bliss over the 2:30 minute musical quickie.

Here is the studio version on YouTube.
Here is part 1 of a live performance on YouTube.
Here is part 2 of a live performance on YouTube.

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  1. I'll take a 20-minute Yes or Dream Theater song over ten 2-minute Green Day songs that all sound the same any day and twice on Sunday.