Monday, June 15, 2015

2880 Queen - Gimme the Prize (Kurgan's Theme)
From: A Kind of Magic; Year: 1986; Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
This is another one of those days where I had an album, (and in this case also a soundtrack), on my mind. This one, and most of the album for that matter, was of course part of the original Highlander film's soundtrack; this one in particular was the villain's, (the Kurgan's), theme.
For those who adore Brian May's guitar playing this song has be right up there; especially with that awesome solo/intro. Also Freddy Mercury's vocals are as top-notched as every; a great tune.
This one also features samples of the Kurgan's lines from the movie. It's kind of funny, but ever since I found out that Clancy Brown, who played the Kurgan, also does Mr. Eugene Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants he's not as intimidating anymore and all I see is a greedy fat crab whenever I hear his voice anymore. :D

Hear Gimme the Prize (Kurgan's Theme) on YouTube.

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