Saturday, July 14, 2012

1803 Pearl Jam - Jeremy
From: Ten; Year: 1991; Genre: Alternative Rock/Grunge
It seems as if I've been listening to a lot of '90s alternative rock lately. The other day I heard this song come on the radio and I was actually thinking about picking it anyway.
When this song came out I remember hearing it a lot, and obviously it still gets a lot of radio play. While many of their songs are, I guess, what you could call "downers," Jeremy in my opinion is one of their saddest songs they ever recorded.
Since the mid '90s it became and remained somewhat of a controversial track due to the extreme subject matter and it being loosely tied to the school shootings that occurred since. From what I understand, Eddie Vedder penned the lyrics based on two instances; one of which he apparently was fairly close to. The main source for the subject matter of the song was a news story he read about a kid committing suicide in front of his class and the second instance was another kid that he was supposedly acquainted with shooting up a class room.

Here is the official music video on YouTube.
Here is the original unreleased music video on YouTube.

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