Sunday, July 15, 2012

1804 Boston - Rock and Roll Band
From: Boston; Year: 1976; Genre: Hard Rock
For the last little bit I've been having some of Boston's songs running through my mind off and on, so I figured I would close out this Sunday with making of my favourite of their songs my pick.
This is a rather soaring track that starts out quite strong and stays strong all of the way through to the end with that signature Boston sound. While on the surface this track might seem like a story of how Boston went from being a little-known bar band to being successful, however, in actuality it had nothing to do with how the band got signed and got success. And Tom Scholz had written and had been recording this and other songs years before the debut album.
No matter what the reality is, for anyone who has picked up an instrument and made music the song serves as the stuff rock and roll dreams and fantasies are made out of.

Hear Rock and Roll Band on YouTube.

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