Saturday, July 13, 2013

2167 Ian Anderson - Photo Shop
From: Rupi's Dance; Year: 2003; Genre: Progressive Rock
The few who read my blog regularly most likely have noticed the brevity of some of my recent picks. Well, as of late much of my free time has been taken up by me tasked with scanning in thousands of old family photos onto the computer, some of which are at least fifty years older than I am. Even with this monumental task I've been trying to keep up with my blog.
Anyway, off and on since I've been scanning them in this song is one that has been running through my mind. While a goodly amount of the photos are from times I remember, many, as I said before are quite old; at times I don't recognize these people or the events in it. It definitely makes me feel like the "Man in the photo shop" mentioned in the song.

Hear Photo Shop on YouTube.

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