Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1426 Ome Henk - Neem Een Ander In De Maling (Barbie Girl)

1426 Ome Henk - Neem Een Ander In De Maling (Barbie Girl)
From: Ome Henk Laat Zich Niet Kisten!, Year: 1997
Genre: Comedy/Parody

Max is currently in the midst of a theme week about songs misattributed to "Weird Al" Yankovic. Almost a year ago I did a theme week based on one of my pet peeves of a similar nature: songs misattributed to the German group Rammstein. Anyway, with Max doing his theme week it brought this track back from the recesses of my brain and I figured it would make an excellent pick.
When I saw this song credited to Rammstein it almost made me bang my head against my computer's screen. I mean, for crying out loud in the dead of the night, it sounds absolutely nothing like Rammstein and it's sung in Dutch, not German! I have to chalk this up to ignorant people from North America hearing a song sung in a Northern European language and moronically giving one of the only bands they know from Europe credit for it.
This song is a parody of the infamous Aqua song Barbie Girl, which can be found here on YouTube, by Dutch actor Frank Van Der Plas as his Ome Henk (Uncle Henk) character. The Ome Henk character is a rather grumpy older man that is portrayed in a comical fashion; he looks a lot like Jamie from the television show Mythbusters in my opinion.
Anyway, I don't know much Dutch other than a few words, so I had to rely on online translations, but in this song apparently the girl is singing about being hot chick and such with Ome Henk telling her things like a woman's place is cooking food and cleaning the house.

Watch the music video on YouTube.

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  1. Someone thought THIS was Rammstein? Seriously???

    There was another widely circulated "Barbie Girl" parody called "Ugly Girl." Yes, it was often credited to Al. Hell, it wouldn't shock me if this one was credited to Al at some point. But freaking Rammstein??

  2. Yeah, check this out: YouTube Search Rammstein Barbie Girl

    That's just a simple YouTube search.

  3. Yep, you got the general subject of the song right! Unbelievable some people think this is Rammstein.

  4. Thanks a lot for the feedback on the translation. Using online translations can be aggravating at times. I find that with direct translations you lose a lot of the nuances. Since I've been studying German I have found out that you need to know a lot about the culture as well to actually understand the language.
    I really need to learn more languages, probably Dutch would be a good one to learn.
    I find it quite funny how those people make themselves look like fools by giving credit of a song to a band that did not record it, especially when it's obvious that it's not that band.