Thursday, March 30, 2017

3542. King Crimson - Dinosaur
From: THRAK; Year: 1995; Genre: Progressive Rock
Listening to some somewhat later material from King Crimson today; definitely picking one of the songs I was listening to in particular.
I love how Fripp and company didn't really try to reinvent themselves and be something they're not, unlike many of the progressive rock granddaddies did back in the 1990s. The only thing different about this track in particular is that it does have a bit of an Alice 'N Chains/Soundgardebesque groove to it; but that's mostly coming from Tony Levin's monstrous bass playing. It can also be argued that they influenced a lot of "Grunge" musicians with their earlier work, the Red album in particular, so it could be very much the other way around I guess; who knows.
Anyway, Dinosaur really has everything a fan would want to hear from them and then some; great track.

Watch a live performance of Dinosaur on YouTube.

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