Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1770 Ludwig van Beethoven - Op. 67 - Symphony No.5 in C
Op. 67; Year: 1808; Genre: Classical Period/classical
My song pick number today, 1770, is the same as the year that legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born. He is by far one of my favourite composers and I thought I would go ahead and pick one of his pieces for today. He was one of the main composers that broke out of the "absolutes" of the Classical Period and helped to usher in the more expressive and art driven Romantic Period.
I realized that I have yet to pick any of his symphonies, so I figured I would pick one of his most famous. This symphony is best known for its four-note "fate knock" theme or "riff" that the entire piece is written around.

Here is the entire symphony conducted by Grant Llewellyn:
Here is the first movement on YouTube.
Here is the second movement on YouTube.
Here is the third movement on YouTube.
Here is the fourth movement on YouTube.

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