Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1776 Jaco Pastorius - Amerika

From: Invitation; Year: 1983; Genre: Jazz Fusion
It's kind of an odd coincidence that my 1776th song picked would be about two weeks from Independence Day, (July 4th). With today's pick number being 1776, I figured that I should choose something appropriate. There were quite a few songs that came to mind, however this Jaco Pastorius bass solo based on the anthem: "America the Beautiful" came to mind and I couldn't help but make it today's song pick. As far as I know this song was only released twice on two live albums: The '83 Invitation album and the posthumously released Birthday Concert album.
This is actually quite a fun little rendition to learn and is actually deceptively easy, that is, once you get down Jaco's pinch harmonic technique.

Hear the version of Amerika from Invitation on YouTube.
Here is a live performance circa '82 on YouTube.
Here is a performance of the song from an instructional video on YouTube.

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