Sunday, November 06, 2016

3398. America - Man's Road
From: The Last Unicorn Soundtrack; Year: 1982; Genre: Folk Rock/Soft Rock
The other day Woordenaar picked one from America and it got me wanting to choose something from the band.
This one comes from the animated classic The Last Unicorn, which is a movie I still cherish to some point from my childhood. What I loved about America's contribution to the soundtrack is that their songs work excellently with the film, but also by themselves. Man's Road is my favourite song they did; while it has that soft/mellow "yacht rock" that they were known for at the time, this one has some great arrangement and an overall dark and brooding feeling that is somewhat mixed with a majestic and upbeat sound thanks to their use of a mix of minor, major, augmented, and diminished chords.

Hear Man's Road on YouTube.

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