Saturday, April 15, 2017

3558. Fletcher Henderson and Louis Armstrong - Money Blues
From: Timeless Historical Presents Fletcher Henderson and Louis Armstrong 1924-1925; Year: 1924/25; Genre: New Orleans Jazz/Dixieland
Back some six years ago or so I was really wanting to pick this song, but could never find it on YouTube or another streaming service, so I just made a note of it in my queue of unpicked songs and checked every now and then for it, but eventually gave up. Today, on a lark I decided to check, and sure enough, not only was it there, but from an official source too.
It's amazing how much things have changed with music and YouTube since I first started this blog over nine years ago. Because companies and artists would take down and go after people the choices I could make back then were very restricted, but now... it's really night and day difference.
Anyway, this is one of those feel good pieces of jazz you'd expect to hear playing behind an old silent film or during a Vaudeville act. Of course hearing Pops in his earlier years is a treat.

Hear Money Blues on YouTube.

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