Saturday, April 29, 2017

3572. Stuart Hamm - Radio Free Albemuth
From: Radio Free Albemuth; Year: 1988; Genre: Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion
As odd happenstance would have it I was already going to pick this song, which features both Joe Satriani and Allan Holdsworth on guitar only to find out that the legendary guitarist Holdsworth passed away a few days ago... dang; he was a major musician who played all over the place and influenced many guitarists. Even if you do not know of him by name there's a pretty good chance you've heard him play at one time or another.
Anywho, about the song: Radio Free Albemuth changes up grooves and time signatures throughout with contrasting and well-defined sections that are expertly pieced together with amazing musical mastery throughout.

Hear Radio Free Albemuth on YouTube.

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