Friday, June 03, 2016

3238. Zapp - A Touch of Jazz (Playing Kind of Ruff, Part 2)
From: Zapp II; Year: 1982; Genre: Funk/R&B
If my counting is correct, this should be my 143rd consecutive Funky Friday thus far. For some reason I wanted to pick something from the last letter in the alphabet, and of course when you're talking about funk, Zapp is always what "Z" is for.
Anyway, if you like a blend of '70s and '80s funk sounds this is the song for you; that guitar, horns and keys reminiscent of the 1970s mixed with that early 80s synth and drums is nothing short of magical in this grooving tune.

Hear A Touch of Jazz (Playing Kind of Ruff, Part 2) on YouTube.

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