Tuesday, June 07, 2016

3242. John Dowland - Time Stands Still

Year: 1603; Genre: Renaissance Period/Baroque Period/classical
Still listening to a lot of Renaissance/Baroque period music and thought I would go ahead and pick another piece of chamber music, but this time from the legendary renaissance composer John Dowland.
This piece written for voice with sparse accompaniment by a lute and other stringed instruments is a love song, written from the point of view of someone so enraptured by the beauty of his beloved that time appears to cease movement when she is around. Both the words and the music are extremely well put together; one aspect is not complete without the other.

Hear Time Stands Still sung by Andreas Scholl on YouTube.
See a great live performance by Jolaine Kerley, Adam Wead, and Josephine van Lieron YouTube.

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