Saturday, April 30, 2016

3203. The Outfield - Your Love
From: Play Deep; Year: 1985; Genre: Rock/Pop
While working yesterday I happened to hear this song come on the radio; realizing that it was yet another one from a band that I hadn't picked yet I knew I had to. Now that I think about it I should really do a theme week with artists I have not picked from yet; just have to make sure and keep my streak of Funky Fridays going too.
Anyway, I'm getting off track... back to the song I'm choosing today. It's one of those songs that is very much associated with the 1980s, but also has a lot of continued play and popularity since. I've always liked Your Love; it's a nice mellow track with excellent music. Although, one thing that I can never shake when hearing it is that it's very, very similar to Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl in the arrangement and a lot of the music, especially in the bridge section; I don't know, it may be me, but it sounds extremely similar.

Hear Your Love on YouTube.

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