Friday, July 29, 2016

3295. Luther - It's Good for the Soul (Parts I & II)
From: Luther; Year: 1976; Genre: Funk/Disco/Soul
Oi vey, another Funky Friday so it seems... I was going to pick another song until I realized wot day it was; I really need to have some caffeine in my bloodstream before getting on the computer.
This is another funky track from the debut album of Luther Vandross' band of his namesake. This totally fun song definitely is one to make you wanna get up and boogie, especially if you have some platform shoes or roller skates around; just need a oldschool light show or lit up dancefloor....
Anyway, it's sad to say that I started getting to this band after watching some old Saturday morning public service shorts that featured the velvety voice of the late-great Luther Vandross; his voice certainly brings back a lot of memories of sitting in front of the television on Saturday mornings watching cartoons... oh the memories.

Hear It's Good for the Soul (Parts I & II) on YouTube.

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