Saturday, October 01, 2016

3361/62. Dream Theater - Descent of the NOMACs/Dystopian Overture
From: The Astonishing; Year: 2016; Genre: Progressive Metal
I know it's nine months late since it was released, but I've finally got around to listening to Dream Theater's new album; I have to say, I like wot I hear. The album is 2 CDs and 24 songs in length, but The Astonishing part, (pun intended), is that the majority of the songs are under 5 minutes in length and only a single on is over 7 minutes.
As you probably could guess, The Astonishing is a rock opera set in a future bereft of music in a totalitarian state and the struggle to bring freedom and music back, of course. In that way thematically it's of course very similar to concept albums like Styx's Kilroy Was Here, the unreleased The Who concept Lifehouse, and Rush's 2112, which is of course one of Dream Theater's main influences. Whilst having a similar theme that's been used a lot, they keep it very original both in the narrative of the general epic and of course there's no other band that could sound like this except Dream Theater. Yes, I'll have to say this is quickly becoming a favourite of mine.
Anyway, this is the intro/overture to the entire piece; it seemed like a great first pick from it.

Hear Descent of the NOMACs on YouTube.
Hear Dystopian Overture on YouTube.

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