Sunday, October 09, 2016

3370. Canned Heat - Going Up the Country
From: Living the Blues; Year: 1968; Genre: Blues Rock
This is another one of those bands I haven't revisited in some time, but for this one I have not picked one from in nine years. So, borrowing an idea from an old theme week I did quite a while ago, I guess I could call this one a "...and about 3400 days later..." pick. I really should do another one of those theme weeks, I haven't done a theme week in a whilst instead focusing on keeping my string of consecutive Funky Fridays going.
Anyway, this is without a doubt the second big hit from Canned Heat with only a few other songs of renown. It was actually based on Henry Thomas' Bull Doze Blues; borrowing the melody you hear on the flute amongst other aspects of the song. It has a bit of an aged sound, but the blues aspects make it much more timeless and unique.

Hear Going Up the Country on YouTube.

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