Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3351. Russkaja - Energia!
From: Energia!; Year: 2013; Genre: Power Metal/Ska/Folk Metal
This is one that Max introduced me to a while ago, and I happened to remember them today; I should've picked one from them already, better late than never I guess.
Anyway, to describe their music it's a type of folk metal made up with a load of ska and a lot of Russian polka influence. A very interesting band to say the least; I love music like this that is something new and on the very edge.

Hear Energia! on YouTube.

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  1. I discovered this band via Alestorm, they're on the same label. I have all four of their full length albums now and they're fantastic.

    1. Yeah, agreed; most of the bands on Napalm Records are great. And thanks again for mentioning them before.